We are business development experts. At its heart, business development is about figuring out how the interactions of four forces combined, create opportunities for growth. These forces are Long term value, Customers, Markets, and Relationships.

Long Term Value – we identify opportunities for persisting growth for your business over the long-term.

Customers – we keep in close contact with your clients, often serving as a 1st tier troubleshooter, providing you and your clients with peace of mind, even when you are not available. We also offer support with Import-Export issues, project management, and billing, After-market activities, spare parts sales, and maintenance-SLA/Contract negotiations.

Markets – We help you understand your market, market changes, and clients’ needs in relation to the overall economic, political, and business arenas.

Relationships – we help you create, manage, and leverage relationships that are based on trust, respect, transparency, and a mutual appreciation of each other’s values and needs. Establishing such relationships is fundamental to enabling the flow of value for the long-term.

It is challenging to create, and easy to destroy, especially when doing business remotely, through non-visual forms of communications.