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Sydac is a world leader in driver training simulation solutions with 25 years experience and clients across the globe.

With over 150 employees dedicated to driver training simulation activities, including engineers, electricians and graphic artists, Sydac has developed a broad variety of simulation related products and services.

Starting from ‘top of the range’ full cab simulators with motion bases and complex CGI vision, using the very latest in computer visualisation technology, to simple training material that can be delivered on a laptop or tablet computer.

Sydac’s experience working in the simulation industry, equips staff with the knowledge to understand the unique training needs the industry requires.

Having significant experience in the development, deployment and support of driver training simulators, Sydac leverages maturity of design and re-use of field-proven software components, providing an excellent basis for the development of new products in this arena.

Each project completed by Sydac is a custom adaptation of a standard and proven solution to specific customer needs. Sydac invested early in a core technology environment that allows today to offer particular solutions at a reduced budget while taking advantage of many years of rail simulation developments for a large variety of customers and applications.